Schering AG - Jūratė Burinskienė, Head of Marketing for the Baltic States

"An advertisement reaches its target only in case it is prepared professionally and shown to the target group on time, and I would say that the advertisement services offered by ACM are perfect. We wanted the new website to become known to as many residents of Vilnius as possible within several days and we succeeded in reaching that. ACM provides concentrated and dynamic advertising, which gives intriguing and pushy information within seconds. In my opinion, advertisements on city video screens is a new and very efficient way of advertising. I would like to thank the entire ACM staff for their professional work."

 Lithuanian Press Photographers Club - Jonas Staselis, President

"We are very happy that we have another space to exhibit our photographs now, i.e. your video screens. It is quite unorthodox, but very rewarding. The viewer does not need to search for an exhibition hall, he can see the photos just by lifting his eyes above the everyday street traffic. This source of information and colours always attracts the by-passers’ glance. To our club that means another possibility to show our works and give thanks to those who appreciate and support our ideas.

We would like to thank the young ACM staff for supporting our works and ideas. We hope that our photographs will continue to give colour to your video screens."

 Lithuanian Football Federation - Liutauras Varanavičius, President

"Lithuanian football becomes more and more modern by the day. We are glad to cooperate with ACM, a company representing technical innovations and providing information to the public very quickly and efficiently. People learn about the upcoming football matches on time and come to stadiums to support their teams. That is very important, since football is played for the fans."

 Falck Security UAB – Marius Bieliauskas, Commerce Group Manager

"Innovations attract the public. Falck Security UAB is the security service market leader and open to innovation. We are always interested in new projects and the young and energetic ACM staff perfectly knows how to turn the customer’s wishes into reality. Our customers noticed the advertisements on the video screens and even sent us photographs. The campaign also helped us to attract new customers".

Casino Planet - Arūnė Stirblytė, Marketing Manager

"It is very convenient that we can choose the time when our advertisements will be shown since that ensures awareness of our target audience. Besides, that is a non-standard way of advertising attracting peoples’ attention without any doubt."


Travel Agency 7 Mylios - Jolanta Grigaliūnienė, Director

"It is very convenient that we can show several different advertisement videos, i.e. announce a campaign for one week and just show a short 5 seconds brand advertising clip during the next week. In that way we spare our advertising budget and the viewer is not tired of our advertisements."

 Žvilgsnis iš Arčiau - Birutė Nastaravičiūtė, Marketing Manager

"The information shown on a video screen resulted in a response not just from our existing customers, but also from the society in general. That is an efficient means of spreading information directly contributing to our company’s operations." 

Ogmios Astra - Algirdas Žebuolis, Director

"The advertisement shown on the video screen near the Opera and Ballet theatre was outright noticed by our competitors. That helped us to improve our image in general. We have also learned that it is very important to broadcast advertisements suitable for video screens."

 Assa Lietuva UAB - Tadeuš Orševski, Director General

"This is a perfect way to advertise your brand and your trademark as well as good possibility to spread the necessary information quickly. It does not require a long advertisement video, therefore the budget for such advertising campaigns is quite low."

 ELTA - Jonas Rimkus, Manager

"After we started cooperating with Actual City Media UAB, the number of visitors at our website grew by 50%. People not just notice the news shown on the video screen, but also remember the additional information, such as our web address."

PALACE OF THE GRAND DUKES OF LITHUANIA – The Board of Support Foundation for the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

"The Support Foundation for the Palace of the Grand Dukes would like to express its most sincere gratitude to Actual City Media UAB for its support when spreading awareness of the reconstruction of the Palace.
The outside advertising offered by you is a very attractive way to introduce yourself to the city residents. In our opinion, the advertising image of reconstruction of the Palace presented clearly and in high quality has to go down in memory of every Vilnius resident or visitor passing by. However, we would also like to note that it is quite a specific form of advertising, therefore we would advise each of your future customers to get to know the characteristics of the video screen and consult the specialists of Actual City Media UAB on what there is to be done and how in order for your advertisement to be just as impressive as the screen itself.
We wish you best of luck in your attempts to give new colours to our city."


Megrame - Romas Baltrušaitis

“Your equipment does not just advertise companies, it also makes Vilnius look similar to other of the world’s capital cities."

 Mediapool - Juozas Mačys, Research Director

"We are very glad that such a new form of advertising has finally emerged. It is still new thus it is interesting. On the other hand, it requires high investments, therefore it can be stated that the market is reviving.
Our customer Tele2 is really satisfied with the quality of image, but the overall effect of advertising is difficult to weigh, since the video screen was only one composite part of the complex advertising campaign."

 Astos Dizainas - Rima Ogulevičiūtė

"Without any doubt, a video screen is an innovation, which attracts attention by itself. The idea itself is perfect, however, in my opinion, it will take time for everybody to get used to such kind of advertising. The prices at the moment are really reasonable."

 TELE2 - Pranas Kuisys, Commerce Director

"The video screen is a splendid novelty. We used a whole range of media for our campaign, but the video screen advertising, without any doubt, greatly contributed to its success. Most certainly, we will use this type of media in the future. However, we made one mistake, which we will surely avoid from now on – the advertisement should be very short, laconic and large, without any details, which are hard to notice.
When creating an advertisement video, it is necessary to have in mind the video screen’s specifics and prepare the creative solution intended for that specific screen.
In the future, in case our goal is to present a campaign (which requires much information), we will use other media, but the brand itself will be solidified by using ACM video screens."

 Creative Media Services - Saulius Šukaitis, Director

"It is difficult to evaluate the efficiency of such type of advertising since at present there is only one video screen. In case such innovative way of outside advertising is turned into a whole system, that would significantly increase the reaching effect and thus, all other indicators.
As for the video screen itself, we can clearly state that the advertising market is ready for emergence of such innovative advertisement carrier. It is an attractive and eye pleasing type of advertising. The video screen’s quality indicators are very good."

 OMD Lietuva - Ramunė Malinauskienė, General Manager

"It is an innovative advertising carrier. Without any doubt, any innovation is a positive phenomenon. The video screens offer unorthodox and exclusive advertising, which covers both external and electronic media. We hope that a whole network of such new advertising will be developed in the future.
In order to see the new advertising carrier’s efficiency, OMD Lietuva ordered advertisements from the very first days of launching the screen. That was quite an intrigue, since we needed to evaluate both the new opportunities and the risks. However, our attempts were fruitful: not only we kept our existing customers, but also attracted some new ones."

 Baltic FCB - Ričardas Sartatavičius, Director General

"The video screen looks really nice and is a splendid advertising carrier. Not only does it fit in into the outdoor advertising traffic, but also pretties up the city and gives it some dynamic feeling. But one should also think about how to use it more efficiently. The video screen is perfect for long-term outdoor advertising, introduction of a brand onto the market and further strengthening of its positions."